Primary and Secondary School “ St. st. Cyril and Methodius”, founded in 1855, is located in a small town of about 25 000 inhabitants in the south of Bulgaria. Our region is mainly agricultural and opulent in tourist attractions, such as virgin forests and rivers – sheltering unique species of flora and fauna. There are also many historical and interesting buildings, churches and museums. Another distinctive feature of the region is cultural diversity, resulted from borderland location. Greece is only 70 kilometers from Smolyan. The nearest big town is Plovdiv (about 400 000 inhabitants, it is the second big town of Bulgaria). The winter resort of Pamporovo is near Smolyan where people from different countries come here for skiing in winter.

Our school is the biggest one in the region. We work with approximately 650 students from 7 to 18 years old. They learn three foreign languages: English, Russian and German. The other leading subjects are: Bulgarian language and Literature, Geography, History, Social studies, Biology, Maths, Science, ICT, Art and Physical education. They also participate in various extracurricular activities, such as: dance, theatre, sport clubs, and charity organizations. Our students have many sport activities; playing football, volleyball, tennis, going swimming and skiing. They take part in some national and international competitions and different technical projects.

Teaching at Primary and Secondary School has always been challenging — not only because of the competitive learning environment but also because of the high requirements for both students and teachers. The teachers use proven modern educational systems and perform their duties professionally. English teachers are exceptionally well acquainted with the culture and traditions of the English–speaking nations. As a result, their students learn something much more than simple English language and their classes turn into an engaging study they never forget. The European educational projects are a great way to broaden students and teacher’s mind.

Apart from language knowledge they cultivate understanding of the surrounding world. The teaching techniques are focused on the particular needs of the students and successfully prepare them for the university entrance exams in Bulgaria and abroad.

In our school there are some students with special education needs and students with different religions as well as ethnic and national backgrounds but it is no problem to work together because they integrate successfully in school life.

The students are open to work together with students from Europe in order to exchange their experience and to practise the language. Because of the generally difficult economic situation in most of our students' families, a multinational project would offer them an opportunity to travel and meet students from other European countries and learn about their cultures.


• St. St. Cyril and Methodius school was chosen to take part in “Your Europe, Your Say” in 2010, Brussels. That was a unique opportunity to take part in the first simulation of a Committee plenary session in Europe with schools from the other 26 Member States. Our task was to play the role of a Committee member by studying a draft opinion, tabling amendments, examining the amendments put forward by other schools and, finally, taking part in a debate in Brussels with a hundred or so other young Europeans. To do that, we had to familiarise ourselves with an opinion and then draft amendments.

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• In 2011 our school became a member of Academy of Central and South Eastern European countries and was awarded with a grant and was invited by ACES to the international network events twice . The project was "Veni, Vidi, Volonteri". Partnership project involving schools from Serbia and Bulgaria.

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• My Story, Your Story – Quest The Truth was the second ACES project /2012-2013. / Partenr schools are from Bulgaria and Macedonia.

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We have two Comenius Multilateral Projects:

• 2011-2013 “MAGIC FRAMES” LLP-2011-COM-MP-086. Partner schools are from Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy and UK.

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• 2013-2015 “MOVE@T.EU” LLP-2013-COM-MP-081. Partner countries are Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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Some of our teachers took part in international teaching training courses:

London, UK /2008/ – Nadya Stankova; Rome, Italy/2009/- Elena Georgieva; Germany /2012/ – Zlatka Kodjebasheva, France /2014/ – Dafinka Nikolova.

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• Address: 59 Bulgaria blvd. 4700 Smolyan Bulgaria